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Massive Wanderlust



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Be sure to leave quite an impression with a very unique scratch-off map: A customized map where the South is up! But do not worry, all countries names are perfectly readable. It is just another way to see the world and will clearly make your guest turn their head at first! It challenges our expectations but it is a perfectly valid map too!

Behind a gold scratch off surface, you will find a vivid watercolor layer. It took me a few month to get this map just right and add numerous details such as all US States, Canadian Provinces, Australian States & Territories and UK regions. I tried to add as much islands and places as possible on this map, as accurately as I could!

This map also includes:
- A gift sticker with 8 world cities skyline (can you find them all?)
- A Pick To scratch the surface off (Made in USA by a famous guitar brand). It does work perfectly as a guitar pick!

When ordering, you can choose the original title "A New World Of Adventures" (which is made with font 1) or your own title with the 7 available fonts. Just indicate the font number you would like to use and I will realize a mock-up with your title/text for your validation before I make the map for you. This way you can be sure of what it would look like! Do not worry if you do not like the first mock-up, I can update it until you are happy with it!

Please note, There is NO frame included with this map.


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