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Gold - US Scratch-Off Map - Size 24x18"

Gold - US Scratch-Off Map - Size 24x18"

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This is my first scratch art map! I designed it and produced it, here in the US! Size is 17x23.5" and would fit nicely in a 18x24" frame (not part of this listing) which is a very standard size, that you can find in many places).

This Maps show the 50 states of the US in a minimalist approach, with each states name and intense watercolor laying under the gold layer. A guitar pick is offered with the map to help you scratch the surface accurately and without scratching the coated color layer in the background. Finally a gift tag is included inside the package too. (you can open the box and pick it to stick it on the inside if you wish). It shows skyline of some of US most iconic cities.

Dimensions/ratio of the map contour are based on US map data although I do not claim of having everything completely perfect. ( I might miss some islands...). Everything is in proportion, meaning that small states are really small, including their name. Washington D.C. is indeed here but really tiny!

It is a great print to visualize where your travels took you and what still remains to be discovered!


Beside the scratch art map, this product includes a guitar pick. Why a guitar pick? It is a perfect tool to scratch off the golden surface without scratching the watercolor surface.
It is custom made by one of the best US brand, using their highly reviewed design. So it does definitely works perfectly as an actual guitar pick!
This package also includes a gifting sticker made with the silhouette of famous American cities. The Arch of St Louis is clearly visible but if you look closely you find a lot more of US famous architectural : Chicago Sears/Willis Tower, New York Statue of Liberty, Detroit GM center, Las Vegas, Golden Gate Bridge, etc...


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